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FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts. Quick-impact thoughts and notes about the New England Patriots and the NFL:

1. Thornton’s Super Speed: Running a 40-yard dash in the NFL scouting group is one of the ultimate solo runs for beginners looking to break into the league. All eyes are on them. Nobody is there to take them.

How the former Baylor wide receiver and the Patriots second round selection Tekwan Thornton Prepared for that defining moment — posting an impressive time of 4.28 seconds, the fastest receiver this year and fourth-fastest receiver since 2006 — a notable story that likely bodes well for his transition to the pro.

Thornton was planning to prepare in Texas but moved late to XPE Sports in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was part of a training group with Baylor Cornerback. Calon Barnes (7th round, Panthers) The University of Texas-San Antonio Cornerback Tariq Wolin (Fifth round, Seahawks).

The three had the fastest combined times this year – Thornton 4.28, Barnes 4.23 and Wolin at 4.26.

“They kept pushing each other. It was a competition and it ended up working so well they killed it all on the set,” said XPE’s Matt Gates, who has been coaching on the team since 2003.

Just as Thornton is fed off competition with Barnes and Woollen, the Patriots are counting on the same thing going on in their New England themed reception room. Devante ParkerAnd Nelson AgulurAnd Kendrick Burne And Jacoby Myers.

There is more to playing football than running 40 yards, of course. So how Thornton’s scorching speed is incorporated into the Patriots’ overall system — and if he can master a variety of routes — will be one of the key determinants of whether a team has a successful draft.

Gates, who worked with the 6-foot-2, 181-pound Thornton for 10 weeks starting in early January, is optimistic.

“When we started pre-testing, I was like, ‘Man, we have something here,” he said. “Super soft. Very explosive. And honestly, for a guy that fast, you don’t usually see someone who can change directions and catch the ball very well. A lot of times you’ll see straight wide receivers that can blast the top, but they can’t run in a way. Tyquan can do it all — he’s in good hands, he’s smart, he picks things up fast.”

One example of how Thornton picked things up came early in the 10 weeks he spent training with the Gates.

“His technique wasn’t great,” Gates said. “Even though he had a background on the track, we just had to tighten up a few things at his start and some things along the way.” “I clicked right away.”



Baylor QB Blake Shapen drops a dime to Tyquan Thornton, who makes a great landing catch.

2. Thermal setting: With the Patriots set to open the season in Miami, hydration and conditioning – which is always important – should be emphasized as much more than that during training camp. Along those lines, the Patriots and Raiders plan to hold at least one of their August joint practices in Las Vegas outside, and the other inside Allegiant Stadium. The weather in Las Vegas in August is often very hot Heights sometimes reach triple digits.

3. Grandfather’s guests? The Patriots may see a benefit in staying out of the West after their Week 14 game against the Cardinals, rather than going home and then running back for a Week 15 game on the road against the Raiders. Coach Bill Belichick has done so in the past, most recently with back-to-back road games in Los Angeles in 2020. If so, an extended stay at the University of Arizona — where former Patriots coach Jade Fish is entering his second year as head coach — would make sense.

4. Beginner introductions: offensive line Cool String The rest of the 2022 rookie class of the Patriots were in the field for the first time Friday and Saturday at a junior camp closed to the media, and will now spend the majority of their vacation time in the city as they transition to life in the Pros. The members of the draft class were brought in two weeks ago for a more brief introduction, now the formal preparation process is underway and day-to-day work begins on site. While always subject to change, May 26 is the first time members of the media have been scheduled to arrive in practice.

5. McDuffie & McCourty: Cornbacke University of Washington Trent McDuffywho the Chiefs traded with the Patriots for selection for 21st overall, has been compared to a longtime Patriots captain. Devin McCurty By a scout when he took into account a combination of on-field talent and off-field traits. While the Patriots were widely acknowledged to have received excellent value in their trade all the way to 29th – taking third- and fourth-round picks – the trade could ultimately be judged differently if McDuffie turned McCurty’s comparison into reality.

6. Patriots requestA notable nugget from NFL Vice President Mike North was that the Patriots asked that their games be played back west if possible, which was eventually associated with New England Get four consecutive matches in prime time. It’s a request made by other teams as well, with North noting that Atlanta, San Francisco, Miami and Las Vegas fall into that category.

7. Eyes on Watson: Any possible discipline the Browns quarterback? Deshaun Watson Faces from the NFL Bears to watch in New England when considering the Patriots traveling to Cleveland in Week 6. While the Patriots face Arizona later in the season they won’t benefit from losing it DeAndre Hopkins During his six-match suspension, there is an unknown element as to whether or not they will see Watson.



Booger McFarland discusses how Deshaun Watson fits in with the Cleveland Browns after his trade.

8. Kraft’s SBJ Honor: A crowd of about 1,000 is expected at the Marriott Marquis Times Square on Wednesday evening, when Patriots owner Robert Kraft will join the esteemed company as he is awarded the Sports Business Journal Lifetime Achievement Award. Craft is scheduled to be presented by Mike Mill. The award is given to leaders and pioneers who have helped shape the dynamic sports industry, past winners include Dan Rooney, Jerry Jones and Paul Tagliabue – all inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame. SBJ publisher and executive editor Abraham Madkour highlights Kraft’s method background as a fan It shaped his Patriot ownership period.

9. Choosing Ekuale: defensive line Daniel Equally He was promoted from the Patriots coaching staff seven times last season and has provided some inside presence in assists. Little-known story: He considered a chance to join the playoffs bills but chose to stay in New England on the coaching squad instead. Ekuale will now compete for a place on the list in a center that includes returning starters Davon Godshaw And Lawrence Jayalong with Christian BarmoreAnd Byron QuartAnd Carl Davis The selection of the sixth round Sam Roberts.

10. Did you know: The Patriots visit the Vikings on Thanksgiving, and this is the first time they’ve played a holiday game since 2012, and the sixth time overall:

  • November 22, 1984 – 20-17 loss to Dallas

  • November 23, 2000 – Loss 34-9 to Detroit (Tom BradyNFL debut)

  • November 28, 2002 – 20-12 win over Detroit

  • November 25, 2010 – 45-24 win over Detroit

  • November 22, 2012 – 49-19 win against New York Jets (Mark Sanchez falters)