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9 minutes However, there are no chances yet for either side Burnley The defense continued a little turbulently. Kane is about to apply for a penalty when he realizes that an offside has been reported. It was a soft batch from Long, and it probably wasn’t a mistake.

8 minutes “Hi Rob,” says John Cullen. Re: Alternatives to ‘controlling their own destiny’, how about ‘masters of their own domain’?

Haha, I think we have a winner.

6 minutes Most of the game so far has been made in Burnley the third. Your average position graphic should look like a beehive.

4 minutes Sanchez has a long-range shooter. It’s all been spurs so far. They will not be playing on the counter attack today.

3 minutes “Collins online has an amusing second chance to defend, as a challenge to uninstall Microsoft’s operating system,” says Rob Jack.

Is this true? This sounds fishy like WORDPLAY, or maybe even BANTER.

2 minutes Scratch that, it’s five in the back. They trained with four in the back in the warm-up. I love this thriving culture of tactical stratagem.

Burnley (5-3-2) Pope; Roberts, Collins; Long, Lawton; Taylor. Brownhill, Cork, McNeill; Cornette, Barnes.

1 minute Peep peep! Burnley Start game. They started with a defensive quad, with Conor Roberts in midfield.

Burnley (4-4-2) Pope; Lawton, Collins; Long, Taylor; Roberts, Brownhill; Cork, McNeil; Barnes, Cornette.

difference reminder

Tottenham (3-4-3) Loris. Sanchez, Der, Davis; Emerson Royal, Bentancourt, Hojburg, Cission; Lucas Mora, Ken, Jr..
Substitutes: Gullini, Austin, Rodon, White, Winx, Craig, Kulusevsky, Bergwijn, Scarlett.

Burnley (possible 5-3-2) Pope; Roberts, Lawton; Collins; Long, Taylor; McNeill, Brownhill, Cork; Barnes, Cornette.
Substitutes: Hennessey, Bardsley, Thomas, Dodgson, Lennon, Gomez Mancini, Weghorst, Costelloe, McGlynn.

to rule Kevin Friend.

Instead of ‘controlling their destiny’, Phil Gray begins, “How about their web spinners? Their carrack navigators? The producers of their BBC mini-series set in Lancashire?”

“slander” Alan Rowley says: “I don’t think you know what the word means.”

Love the smell of fan mail before setting off.

Twenty years ago today

Nothing to do with this game but come on, even Tony Soprano wouldn’t be a bit envious of being remembered on the anniversary of Zinedine Zidane’s shot against Bayer Leverkusen.

Nostalgia tricks us into thinking that great sporting moments have been on our minds from the moment they happened, but that’s not always the case. I think I’ve seen this goal at most three or four times before YouTube. I know for sure that I didn’t see him live because I was watching the distance from here in Almeida, A play that The Guardian just fell in love with.

Pre-match reading

Team news

Lukas Moura replaces Dejan Kulusevsky in Tottenham’s only change from Arsenal’s departure.

Mike Jackson makes three changes from Burnley The team that lost at home to Aston Villa last week. Kevin Long, Matt Lawton and Maxwell Cornet join James Tarkowski (injured), Aaron Lennon and Watt Wighurst. It also looks like they’ll start with five players in the back.

Luton plays his 200th match with Burnley.

Here's how we line-up against Burnley! 👇

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📋 Here's your Clarets side to face Spurs today 💪

Come on lads! 👊#TOTBUR | #TogetherWeCanUTC

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Tottenham Hotspur vs Burnley match in Tottenham Hotspur Playground. It is a collision between two very different worlds with dissimilar obsessions. Tottenham are desperate to finish fourth from the top. Burnley will sell their soul – arguably already – to finish fourth from the bottom.

Although Tottenham had Biggest party in years On Thursday night, they would have preferred not to play on Thursday evenings next season. Qualifying for the Champions League is their entire world, as it will ensure that the great Antonio Conte will survive next season. Spurs find themselves in a strange situation: at the pinnacle of life, but their fate is in someone else’s hands. they hands. All Spurs can do is win the remaining two games – today and Norwich away next weekend – and hope Arsenal can lose points to Newcastle or Everton.

Burnley are level on points with Leeds, but with a game in hand. Their goal difference is so superior (-17 to Leeds -38) that they will still be in control of their destiny *whatever happens today. Leeds plays Brighton at 2pm, so Burnley It can be in the bottom three before the Sunday roast digests. Or they can be safely with a two-game supply.

Starting 12 m.

* Yes I know, “controlling their destiny” is a horrific phrase; Especially bad cliche. If you can think of a better alternative, I’ll pass it on as my own in future live blogs.