4chan shows how some platforms are only accountable to themselves

New York CNN Business – The heavy gunfire In Buffalo, New York, developed a Spotlight on 4chana largely unsupervised site that has been a breeding ground for many tragedies and controversies over the years and appears to have played a role in inspiring Saturday’s attack. Despite the role it may have played in the horrific … Read more

Rich dads enter the black market for baby formula

The lack of infant formula It was a nightmare for Alicia Velez, a 25-year-old mother of two who lives in Philadelphia. Velez relies on the federal government’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program for free formula, which means she can’t just ship the product home. So, for the past couple of months, I’ve called store … Read more

Meg Stalter skipped straight from the internet to ‘hacks’

Before the pandemic, how was your life? Can you describe what you have been doing, the state of your career, your life, and where you have been living? what was going on? I had just moved to New York six or seven months before the outbreak. I would spend the time of my life on … Read more

China suggests easing tech-related strictures, but don’t expect a shift in policy

China has shown signs of easing its crackdown on the technology sector that has wiped out billions of dollars from the value of its flagship companies. But analysts said Beijing’s recent positive rhetoric should not be confused with policy reversal. “I think the big tech companies will have a grace period maybe for the next … Read more

Janet Pesch The Internet Marketer: Technology is lagging behind: Does this sound like anyone you know? | a job

Janet Peschel Sandy is a landscape designer. She started her own business 12 years ago after the divorce. She provided some flexibility while caring for her two young boys. She has always struggled in marketing and relied on word of mouth to grow her business. She made it through the recession and the coronavirus, but … Read more