Tarrant County is improving access to mental health help

Experts have seen a rise in mental health concerns among adults and children. Several Tarrant County organizations are working together to improve access to help. image file Kansas News Services Fort Worth The mental health of adults and young adults across the country has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Alliance on … Read more

Mental health issues are the common denominator in many violent incidents

A man accused of making threats is being taken out and the police and SWAT teams taken out and Procter & Gamble shut down for one day, and over the past 18 months there have been several mental seizures that have led to confrontations with the police, but his case is nothing unusual. “All you … Read more

‘Waiting for days’: RI mental health patients stuck in emergency room waiting for help

Providence, RI (WPRI) – May is Mental health awareness monthBut for those desperately seeking help, state data shows it can take hours, or even days, before they receive treatment. “It’s definitely an acute problem that we’re having right now,” said Andrea McGinn, chief nursing officer at Butler Hospital. Almost every day, dozens of people are … Read more

Mental health treatment in health care workers

LAUREN COUNTY, Ohio – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the mental health of people around the world, including health care workers. Here in Northeast Ohio, there is a push to encourage both those working in the industry and those preparing to enter the industry to focus on self-care. At Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Judy Gregg … Read more

Tennis players in Iowa City West leave the team after feeling intimidated by the coach

Iowa City, Iowa (KCRG) – Eight of the nine eligible players from the Iowa City West girls’ tennis team chose not to return. West High was one of the top teams in girls’ tennis in 2021, going to the state championship. Three players from this team said their coach, Aimee Villarini, was intimidating, made them … Read more

WATCH NOW: McLean County Board Approves Updated Mental Health Action Plan | Policy

Bloomington – McLean County Council approved the county’s updated mental health action plan on Thursday After postponing the vote for a month. It’s the mental health plan’s first update since its creation in 2015, after the city of Bloomington and the town of Normal agreed to raise sales tax from 1.5% to 2.5% to partially … Read more