Dallas Stars’ Rick Bowness has stepped down after three seasons as head coach

The team announced Friday that Rick Bowness will be stepping down as Dallas Stars coach after three seasons. Bowness, 67, has a two-year contract expired after the Superstars were eliminated by the Calgary Flames in seven games in the first round of the Western Playoffs. Assistant coaches Derek Laxdale, John Stevens and Todd Nelson will … Read more

The Edmonton Oilers regrouped after goalkeeper Mike Smith lost 9-6 in their first game against Calgary Flames.

Mike Smith He went from champion to zero in the Edmonton Oilers tuck. And now the team goalkeeper can be in flux after a 9-6 loss to Calgary Flames in Game 1 of Round Two of the Stanley Cup Series on Wednesday. The veteran goalkeeper hasn’t settled on Wednesday’s game before Mikko Koskinen He was … Read more

Rick Bowness, 67, plans to continue training, still has “a lot of fire left” after the Dallas Stars exit after the season ends.

Frisco, Texas – Rick Bowness has been on the NHL bench in 2,562 regular season games as head coach or assistant coach for nearly four decades. The 67-year-old is not ready to finish yet although he is at the end of his contract with the Dallas Stars. “Qualifying brings out your passion…that excitement and that … Read more

Bergeron says he will either retire or return to the Bruins next season

Asked on Monday if he sees himself playing elsewhere, Bergeron said: “No. “I’ve been here my whole career. It’s obviously a special place for me. Like I said, that’s not on my mind. Right now, I just need to take some time and regroup.” The Bruins lost 3-2 in Game Seven of the first round … Read more

NHL Business Notebook: ‘Quest for the Cup’ show returns with domestic league productions, ESPN+ numbers streaming

The NHL It is bringing back its documentary series, Hunting for the Trophy for the seventh consecutive season, but for the first time, it will be a full in-house production by NHL Original Productions. In the past, the NHL has subcontracted and worked with other production companies to produce the majority of the show. This … Read more

The NHL should make the Edmonton Oilers wear their ’80s jerseys in the second round

Come on, you know you want to see it.picture: Getty Images Very similar to a file Last year’s Canadiens-Leafs seriesThat’s why the NHL reorganized the playoff system nearly a decade ago. To get things like Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames in the playoffs. Well, Gary Bettman’s NHL was only really interested in getting the Penguins-Capitals … Read more

NHL Playoff Predictions: The scout, coach, and CEO picks the second-round winners

By any measure – objective or subjective – that was an interesting and hotly contested opening tour of 2022 NHL playoffs. There were ups and downs, jubilation and heartbreak. Five of the eight chains went the distance, all of them nail-biting enthusiasts. 51 matches were played, tied for second place in history. In all, 14 … Read more