Google AI can help you land your next job

picture: G-Stock Studio (stock struggle) When preparing for a job interviewThe first place I go to is google. After all, the company search engine is a starting platform for learning about your potential company, potential questions for the workshop, and getting rid of the feeling knowledgeable And prepared. Now, Google is stepping up the interviewing … Read more

How to help convince tech companies to make a smaller smartphone

picture: Mr. Muqla (stock struggle) Along A long time ago, smartphones were small. Like, really small. It was recognized that such a device should fit comfortably in the hand, so you can do everything you need to with it Just your thumb. to whispercertainly Don’t make them like they used to. in 2022Most of the … Read more

All you can do with a locked iPhone

picture: New Africa (stock struggle) You cannot pick up a stranger’s iPhone and use it as your personal device: Authentication measures, such as Face ID, Touch ID and passcodes, make sure that the only people who can access our iPhones are us and the people we trust. However, even if you can’t check someone’s messages … Read more