Migrants cross borders amid legal uncertainty over asylum rule | Health, medicine and fitness

By ELLIOT SPAGAT – Associated Press EAGLEPASS, Texas (Associated Press) – As US officials waited impatiently, many migrants crossing the border from Mexico on Friday were oblivious to a pending court ruling on whether to retain pandemic powers that block the opportunity to seek asylum on grounds to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19. … Read more

Union warns of “labor disputes” if casino contracts expire | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by Wayne Barry – The Associated Press Atlantic City, NJ (AP) – For people and groups planning to stay in Atlantic City, the resort’s main casino workers union is warning of the potential for “labor disputes” if casinos do not agree to new contracts by the May 31 deadline. The move comes at the … Read more

Eating Disorder ‘Hardly’ Supports Families Struggling with a Mental Health Condition

Sarah, a Melbourne mother, has been supporting her 18-year-old daughter to recover from anorexia nervosa for the past seven years, with the help of Sarah Glenn’s father. Taking care of Elise is a 24/7 job—Sarah constantly watches her daughter, makes sure she eats six meals a day, and that she doesn’t secretly exercise in her … Read more

Religious proponents of abortion rights say God is on their side | Health, medicine and fitness

By Claire Galovaro, National Staff Writer for The Associated Press TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AFP) – It was lunch hour at the abortion clinic, so the nurse in the recovery room took her Bible out of her bag in the closet and started reading. Her favorite proverb says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and … Read more

Planning recent years: where to find help | health

Developing a final year plan may seem overwhelming, but it really boils down to one word: communication. Speaking is among the most important aspects of this plan, according to experts from Dignity Memorial®–a funeral and event planning organization–and Home Instead®. Communication with professionals and family can help ensure that the important elements of the plan … Read more

CDC is monitoring 6 people in the US for possible rare monkeypox, and says the public ‘shouldn’t be concerned’

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring six people in the United States for possible monkeypox infections after they sat near an infected traveler who developed symptoms during a flight from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in early May. Separately, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials are investigating a confirmed monkeypox … Read more

Eating a Big Mac every day is honestly a good thing

Donald Gorske on the throne of the Big Macpicture: Guinness World Records Some people are destined for greatness. Some become scholars. Some mediation of peace treaties to save the world. Some have eaten a Big Mac for lunch every day for 50 years in a row. I am referring, of course, to Donald Gorsky, the … Read more

What is monkeypox? What do you know about its spread?

European and US health authorities have identified a number of monkeypox cases in recent days, mostly among young adults. It is a sudden outbreak of the disease rarely seen outside Africa. Health officials around the world are monitoring more cases because, for the first time, the disease appears to be spreading among people who have … Read more

Tea and commercials: North Korea is fighting COVID with a few tools

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – On a recent night’s visit to a pharmacy, double-masked Kim Jong-un lamented the slow delivery of medicines. Separately, aides to the North Korean leader have quarantined hundreds of thousands of suspected COVID-19 patients He urged people with mild symptoms to eat willow leaves or honeysuckle. Despite what North Korean propaganda … Read more

New Zealand distributes additional funds to combat the “inflation storm” | Health, medicine and fitness

By Nick Perry – The Associated Press Wellington, New Zealand (AFP) – The New Zealand government said Thursday it will distribute a few hundred extra dollars to more than two million low-income adults to help them navigate what it describes as the “peak of a global inflation storm”. The payments are part of a package … Read more