The future outlook for technology-based personalized care in healthcare and life sciences

In the next five years, healthcare and life sciences organizations will experience unique disruptive forces presented by a digital-first world that will shape many aspects of the industrial landscape from value-based care to digital prescription treatments. A report by IDC Research, a leading global market research firm, provides some predictions about how organizations can navigate … Read more

Is fast food cheaper than cooking it at home? | personal financing

Americans spend a lot of money on food. In 2020, US consumers, on average, spent 8.6% of their income on food — and nearly half of that on food out of the home, According to the US Department of Agriculture. It also causes inflation Prices at the grocery store are on the riseYou may be … Read more

Janet Pesch The Internet Marketer: Technology is lagging behind: Does this sound like anyone you know? | a job

Janet Peschel Sandy is a landscape designer. She started her own business 12 years ago after the divorce. She provided some flexibility while caring for her two young boys. She has always struggled in marketing and relied on word of mouth to grow her business. She made it through the recession and the coronavirus, but … Read more