Sky’s first win on the road, Wolves’ victory against Icehogs highlights ‘Weekend That Was’

CHICAGO – The Diamond Weekend went a few different ways for the city’s baseball teams, with the Cubs taking 2 of 3 Diamondbacks while the White Sox 3 of 4 dropped to the Hot Yankees at Guaranteed Rate Field. But that was just part of a Chicago esports weekend that involved a number of local … Read more

NASCAR Cup Series Warns of Rising – NASCAR Talk

We’ve come a third of the way into the NASCAR Cup Series season, and run every type of trail we’ll be visiting this year. Having twelve races also means we’ve collected enough data to start studying trends. The trend that caught my eye is the high number of alerts in 2022. I show them below, … Read more

Can the suitcase save the planet? maybe you can

How do we control global warming? Difficult question faced by mankind! Could vegan leather be one of the answers? Can? A luxurious material like leather finds itself at the forefront and center of the world’s most expensive brands and exclusive products. She has had a controversial history in the fashion industry. Sure, we love showing … Read more

The research team improves gene editing through a chemical process

CRISPR-binding Cas9 protein (white) from Staphylococcus aureus based on the 5AXW protein database identifier. Credit: Thomas Splettstoesser (Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0) A gene-editing technology known as CRISPR has accelerated biological and medical research in the past decade by allowing scientists to repair the DNA of human cells almost like using scissors. Gene editing — especially … Read more

12% ownership of REITs in SNFs

Last year, REITs owned an estimated 12% of all skilled nursing facilities, a level that Harvard researchers say should prompt policymakers to “ensure that the REIT business model aligns with” healthcare goals. REIT’s ownership of skilled nursing outperformed hospitals (3% nationally), medical office buildings (9%), and elderly and living accommodations (9%). The researchers behind the … Read more

MHealth Fairview and Allina Health mental health workers on strike

Members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota & Iowa are demanding improved safety and security measures, a better pay scale – and more respect. Minneapolis – Mental health workers from MHealth Fairview And Alina Health He announced plans for a one-day strike to protest alleged unfair labor practices. At a press conference on Monday, members SEIU Healthcare … Read more

Ukraine ends Mariupol battle, evacuates fighters from Azovstal steel plant

Placeholder while loading article actions Ukrainian fighters finished Weeks Defense At a besieged steel plant in the strategic coastal city of Mariupol, hundreds of fighters – dozens of them seriously injured – were evacuated from the compound on Monday. “Ukraine needs living Ukrainian heroes,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his evening address, as the delicate … Read more