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Hello everyone again! We’re heading west to Kansas City, Kansas for the AdventHealth 400 this week and the 2022 edition of NASCAR DFS on PrizePicks. Our friends at PrizePicks have a ton of great props that we can hunt down to take advantage of.

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PrizePicks and NASCAR focus on Fantasy Score which has a scoring system where the first net equals 45 points, the second equals 42, the third equals 41, and so on. Each spin led by NOW equals 0.25 bonus points. Each spin scored as fast equates to an additional 0.45 point. The number of laps is 0.25 points per lap and the space difference is plus or minus one point. For NASCAR, we’ll try to focus on the Fantasy score for the mainboard and see which players might go below or below their predicted score totals. Let’s see what the council has to offer today!

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Fantasy Score

Denny Hamlin over 45.5 points. This is only risky because the amount of previous success helped Hamlin here. Obviously the driver has won here before and twice. He’s had issues too but again his lag sprints have been the best of all active drivers over the past three years. Starting in 18th helps Hamlin tremendously and he could set a few faster laps all the way through the middle and later parts of this race probably. These are positive points that cannot be overlooked on Sunday. In the top ten help us connect to the jamb here. take over.

Joey Logano under 57.5 points. The reason is academic. Frankly, Lugano and his Ford had a bit of luck last week with attrition laws working in his favour. Then, he shocked William Byron on the last lap when he would likely have passed him anyway. This scares the living daylight out of anyone. Lugano starts from behind after Saturday’s crash and has differential points ahead. However, Byron might as well. Don’t be surprised if something happens. That is why the least should play here.

Ross Chastain over 45.5 points. This is one of the most fun numbers to look at on Sunday. Chastity is fast and continues to prove skeptics wrong. He has seven results in the top five in 12 races. Includes two wins. His car tends to be fast and versatile. The guy can race anywhere and he has improved at every race in KS when it comes to driver classification. The next generation car helped the TrackHouse Racing driver break through in a big way. He can score some of the fastest laps and drive a few laps too in Kansas. He was in the top ten for most of last fall’s race. take over.

Ryan Blaney under 37.5 points. Driver number 12 doesn’t like KS either and doesn’t perform well on the track. He’ll have this idea in the back of his head no matter how much he says otherwise. The track makes it cautious and it’s far from the only driver saying that way with the next generation car and the tire issues that have plagued these cars this week. Look at all the pop-ups, pop-ups, and what’s worse. The 10th start could affect Blaney a bit more than thought. If something happened to his car again, it would be as good as gold. Take the bottom again for the Team Penske rider.

Martin Truex Jr over 37.5 points. This could prove to work again. Truex Jr. The ninth start is good in KS. His Toyota was much better in practice than in qualifying. It may take a while for the car to warm up but when it starts up, the Truex Jr. At least a lot of the ring site. Anything near the top five would be fairly reasonable on Sunday. Pick it up here on Sunday to purchase the #19 car from Joe Gibbs Racing.

Some other motives to look at

Kurt Busch (over 29.5 points) – Biggest Busch starts in fifth and could slip a bit, but his top five results in the last six races in Kansas suggest he might finish a bit here on Sunday. Experiment!

Kyle Larson (over 46.5 points) Expect a good week from Larson. The only thing he’s good at when it comes to highways like Kansas is this. He leads the laps and sets fast laps well. After all, over the past four appearances the #5 car has driven nearly 30% of the laps. If one translates that on Sunday, that means Larson will be driving about 80 laps in total. Take charge again!

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