The infamous Conti Gang has been shut down, but not forever

The ransomware suite known as Conti is officially closed, with all of its infrastructure now offline. While this might sound like good news, it’s only good on the surface – Conte isn’t over yet, it’s simply broken down into smaller operations. Advanced Intel Kunti was launched in the summer of 2020 to succeed Ryuk ransomware. … Read more

Quantum computing may make ray tracing easier

An international team of researchers across the UK, US and Portugal believe they have found an answer to the acute performance requirements of ray tracing. According to them, the answer lies in a A hybrid of classic ray tracing algorithms with quantum computing. According to the research paper (currently in print), quantum computing-assisted ray tracing … Read more

Object Management Group® announces responsible computing with founding members IBM and Dell

New consortium to focus on sustainable development goals Responsible computing logo Object Management Group Announces Responsible Computing Barcelona, ​​Spain, May 20, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – Today Object Management Suite® (OMG®) announced Responsible computing (RC™), a new consortium of technology innovators working together to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Responsible computing is a systematic approach … Read more

Intel takes SYCL to Nvidia’s CUDA with Migration Tool

After years of false starts and delays with many products, we’re finally at a point where Intel will really begin to test the breadth of its heterogeneous computing strategy, thanks to the release of New Gaudi2 machine learning chips From Intel and the upcoming launch ofPonte Vecchio GPU That would support Argonne National Laboratory.Aurora “Exascale … Read more

Don’t make another PowerPoint without knowing these 3 tricks

Microsoft PowerPoint offers many features To create slide shows. Some of these features go a bit unnoticed but can be useful when creating your presentation. Before you create your next PowerPoint, take a look at these tricks. They can save time, let you customize your presentation, and stay organized from start to finish. Save time … Read more

There is a shortage of artificial intelligence experts. This makes the skills crisis worse

Written by Owen Hughes, Senior Editor Editor Owen Hughes Owen is a senior editor at ZDNet. Headquartered in London, UK, Owen covers software development, IT workforce trends, and technology and business evolution. Full CV Photo: Maskot/Getty IBM warns of slow progress in accreditation in some countries Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologywhich may prevent them from solving … Read more

What happened to ‘cloud power’? | Opinion

Share this article This week saw another milestone for cloud gaming, as yet another device aspiring to revolutionize the industry with games only possible with cloud computing that gave up on those dreams after years of working and spending millions of dollars. quotes | “As part of our stated focus on the metaverse, an unlikely … Read more

What is an engineering management degree?

Engineering management is a specialized area of ​​leadership in the engineering field. Graduates can qualify for leadership roles with an engineering management degree. Possible positions include management consultant, engineering project manager, and operations manager. According to the United States Bureau of Labor StatisticsMuch of the anticipated demand for engineering managers stems from the push for … Read more

GCS supercomputers help create the first image of

In April 2019, event horizon telescope (EHT) Collaboration has revealed the first-ever image confirming the existence of a black hole. Picture Offers The black hole is at the center of the distant galaxy Messier 87 (M87), which is located more than 50 million light-years from Earth. To an outside observer, the unveiling of the first … Read more