Microsoft Edge taps on AI to make your grainy photos look beautiful and pure

If images start to appear more clearly on Microsoft Edge than on other browsers, there is a reason for that. Microsoft builds what it calls a “Turing Image Super Resolution Engine” in Microsoft Edge, “upgrading” low-resolution images at higher resolutions. In fact, Edge will create a high-resolution image using artificial intelligence, where it did not … Read more

Cathy Wood on Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, Inflation, and Investment Strategy • St Pete Catalyst

Kathy Wood has a large following in the investment and technology world due to her firm belief in disruptive innovation and unique insights into the financial markets. Wood’s signature views were put on full display during the Up Tampa Bay Tech Festival running Thursday at the Mahaffey Theater when CEO of ARK Invest sat down … Read more

Why AI and Autonomous Response are critical to Cyber ​​Security (VB On Demand)

Presented by Darktrace Today, cyber security is in a state of continuous growth and improvement. In this on-demand webinar, learn how two organizations are using an AI continuous feedback loop to identify vulnerabilities, strengthen defenses, and improve the outcomes of their cybersecurity programs. Watch for free on demand here. The security risk landscape is undergoing … Read more

Machine learning drastically reduces the workload of calculating the number of cells for disease diagnosis

The cell count results compared to the expected count results showed that the newly developed training method allows machine learning to count blood cells more accurately. Credit: Cyborg and Bionic Systems Using machine learning to perform blood cell counts for disease diagnosis in place of expensive and often less accurate cell analysis machines, however, was … Read more

Leader of Intelligent Automation, AI and Operational Excellence Joins Skan Leader of Operations Intelligence Platform

Menlo Park, California.And May 20 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skan, the industry leader in Process Intelligence solutions that provides unprecedented insights into how organizations get done, has appointed Vinaykumar (Vinay) Mummigatti as Executive Vice President of Strategy and Customer Transformation. A world-renowned expert in process automation, artificial intelligence and digital transformation, Vinay has over 20 years … Read more

Evolv AI gun scanner is gaining in popularity

Placeholder while loading article actions When Peter George saw the news of the racially motivated mass shootings At Tops Supermarket in Buffalo Last weekend, he had an idea that he often had after such tragedies. “Could our system have stopped it?” He said. “I don’t know. But I think we can democratize security so that … Read more

Dow fights crime with artificial intelligence | leading

Deep Dow co-developed a new analytical framework for crime research that could transform our understanding of criminal activity. Dow, assistant professor of geography at UCCS, developed CrimeScape with her former mentor, Jean-Claude Thiel, of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. CrimeScape begins with link-rule mining — looking for patterns or other links in databases … Read more

Top 10 Graduate Degree Programs in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing and evolving field, and there is a huge demand for data scientists with AI skills. The field requires broad training that includes principles of computer science, cognitive psychology, and engineering. If you want to grow your own data scientist career To capitalize on the demand for the role, … Read more