How much does an iPhone screen repair cost? – geek review

Freedom Life / (modified) Breaking the iPhone screen is not an enjoyable experience at all. While almost every electronics repair store will help you fix your iPhone, the task is not free, and you can come up with a much lighter wallet. So here are all the repair options, plus the prices you can … Read more

How to help convince tech companies to make a smaller smartphone

picture: Mr. Muqla (stock struggle) Along A long time ago, smartphones were small. Like, really small. It was recognized that such a device should fit comfortably in the hand, so you can do everything you need to with it Just your thumb. to whispercertainly Don’t make them like they used to. in 2022Most of the … Read more

6 Mental Health Problems Virtual Reality Really Helps

Virtual Reality (VR) transports you to different digital worlds, each of which is a landscape of a specific objective, be it a game or a mission. Healthcare also uses technology to treat patients, train staff, and manage day-to-day functions. Virtual reality benefits psychology in particular. It allows people with mental health problems to practice coping … Read more

What is Touch ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Some Apple Models IphoneAnd IPADAnd Mac Include an authentication feature called Touch ID, which allows you to use your fingerprint to verify your identity. We will explain why it is useful and how it works. What is Touch ID? Touch ID is a biometric security feature that scans a user’s fingerprint to allow logins, purchases, … Read more

The neural memory system simulates neurons and synapses

Newswise — Researchers have reported a nano-sized neuron memory device that simultaneously mimics neurons and synapses in a unit cell, another step toward completing a neural computing goal designed to accurately mimic the human brain using semiconductor devices. Neural computing aims to achieve artificial intelligence (AI) by mimicking the mechanisms of neurons and synapses that … Read more

What’s Up With… Iliad, Apple, Metaverse, Open RAN Growth, Access Evolution

Iliad’s continued appetite for expansion, Apple reality checks, and the encouragement of the Open RAN tech community is leading the way in today’s industry news report. aggressive european altnet The Iliad He will remain interested in growth through mergers and acquisitions in Italy, CEO Thomas Reynaud advertiser Today while commenting on the company’s impressive first … Read more

Microsoft Edge taps on AI to make your grainy photos look beautiful and pure

If images start to appear more clearly on Microsoft Edge than on other browsers, there is a reason for that. Microsoft builds what it calls a “Turing Image Super Resolution Engine” in Microsoft Edge, “upgrading” low-resolution images at higher resolutions. In fact, Edge will create a high-resolution image using artificial intelligence, where it did not … Read more