Cleveland City Council resolution calls for FirstEnergy’s name to be withdrawn from Cleveland Browns Stadium

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cleveland City Council resolution called on FirstEnergy to relinquish the rights to naming the publicly owned football stadium in the Cleveland Browns. Ward 16 Board member Brian Casey, chair of the committee that oversees Cleveland Public Power, is the sole sponsor of the resolution, which is due to be presented to … Read more

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It is said that Robert Quinn wants to get out of Chicago

Robert Quinn was only with Chicago Bears for two years. However, it feels like a decade has passed based on the wild roller coaster of those two years. His first season was a disastrous one, managing only Kissin after signing a lucrative $70 million contract. Soon people called it the worst signature bears have ever … Read more

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The NY Jets left one major weakness in their roster to enter 2022

You can’t fix everything at once, and it’s obvious which weakness the New York Jets have decided they’re willing to live with The New York Jets They made a bunch of changes to their roster in the 2022 season. It looks like most of the positions on the depth chart have been upgraded. But when … Read more

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First contact: Another internal candidate gets a second interview with GM for Steelers; Mike Tomlin applauds Raven’s retirement

Friday’s “First Call” contains an update of interviews for the Pittsburgh Steelers general manager. We also take a look at the franchise’s “to-do” list. Mike Tomlin respects retired Baltimore Raven. A former penguin played a role in St. Louis’ victory in Colorado on Thursday night. Keeping It At Home (Part 2) After a second interview … Read more

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Sammy Watkins is in a good place now.

Green Bay – Packers offensive assistant coaches spoke with the media this week. Here is a sample of their key comments. Offensive Coordinator Adam Stenavich On the philosophy of prioritizing multiple attackers: It comes from the worst-case scenario, kind of planning for the worst. It’s basically just trying to prepare for the things that could … Read more

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Breakdown of best and worst situation combinations for cowboys

While they are nothing but helmets and shorts practices, the Cowboys in Dallas They get their first look at the full list during the initial OTA session. It’s hard to take too much of this stuff. There wouldn’t be much data to really change our perceptions of the team. We often build what we think … Read more

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Ponter Sam Koch, the longest-serving Baltimore Ravens player in series history, has announced his retirement

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – In front of a crowded team hall, the Baltimore Ravens gambler Sam Koch He announced his retirement Thursday during a tear-filled press conference, which ended the player’s longest career in franchise history. Koch, 39, will remain with the Ravens as a special teams advisor this season and a mentor among Penn … Read more