The leading hero questions Phil Mickelson’s silence

by: Nick Piastovsky May 19, 2022 Phil Mickelson, left, and David Duvall at the 1999 Ryder Cup. Getty Images Do not get David Duval wrong. He says he’s frustrated with Phil Mickelson’s outburst. Mickelson hasn’t said much since then about Duvall’s frustration. “Silence is very loud right now,” he said on Thursday. “You have so … Read more

Trump says he won’t be watching a PGA Championship after Bedminster Snub

Trump says he won’t watch the PGA Championship after they ignored Bidminster Golf Course. The PGA moved the tournament away from Trump’s property in the wake of the January 6 mutiny. “People are really pissed about what the PGA did to me by taking that tournament away,” Trump said. Download Something is loading. President Donald … Read more

The amazing feature of Southern Hills that gives players spells

by: Shawn Zack May 20 2022 Going up and down from bunkers in Southern Hills proved more difficult than it usually is on a tour. Getty Images Justin Thomas stood on top of the interview podium on Thursday night, having scored a three-under-67. He was proud of himself for fighting south of the hills in … Read more

PGA 2022: Hard sand in bunkers in Southern Hills frustrates players | Golf news and tour information

TULSA – Bunkers on the PGA Tour tend to be hazards in name only. Gone are the days when bunkers were glorious sandboxes, when good lies were rewards, not expectations. Modern bunkers are pearly white oases that offer players a blank canvas to do whatever they want with the ball. They’d rather be there than … Read more

Justin Thomas shoots low scores from the afternoon wave

TULSA, OK – Justin Thomas was frustrated. Its range sessions this week by 104y The PGA Championship did not meet his high standards. “I mean, I was hitting her terribly,” he said. “I wasn’t hitting the middle of the face.” Eventually, his father and swing coach, Mike, suggested his son put a stick in the … Read more

Round 2 of the PGA Championship DraftKings on Friday, 5/20

104 PGA Championship In progress, and among the best games, Rory McIlroy Put on a great golf show. A couple of late slips go down the stretch before a jumper finishes, and that would make him score 65. Even with a few late slips, he did everything well in the first round and continued the … Read more

Tiger Woods is back in action, and here’s how he performed in the PGA Championship

All the attention on the first day of the PGA Championship was on set tiger woodAnd Rory McIlroy And Jordan Spieth. It was the largest group of the day, and the most powerful in the monarchy. Get ESPN+ here | Download the app While McIlroy made a show—filming 5 Under 65—the star always stars Woods. … Read more