Biden official announced $3.5 billion to remove carbon dioxide

The federal government relies heavily on the idea of ​​the “undo” button on climate change. The US Department of Energy announced on Thursday its official intent to fund 3.5 billion dollars in CO2 removal by direct air capture. This announcement indicates that the Biden administration aims to pour billions of dollars into developing, building and … Read more

Green Laundry Spot – The New York Times

There are a lot of corporate climate pledges out there, and it’s easy to be cynical about them. I get it. We have received a lot of unsubstantiated allegations (for example, on Carbon offsets in airlines) and a lot of downright misinformation)oil companiesI’m looking at you) that it would be easy to dismiss them all. … Read more

Governor says drought should not halt growth and development, promotes rural commitment – St. George News

St. George – With some local leaders calling for building permits to be halted and zoning more intense in the ongoing drought, the Utah governor said a balanced approach between conservation and growth is still needed — especially with another drought in terms of affordable housing. Governor Spencer Cox, who wears a mask seven days … Read more

The original tea says its packaging won’t end up in landfills – but most do. How his frustrating efforts to go green reveal a broken system

The Original Tea Company in Toronto, founded by a husband and wife team dedicated to the so-called Third wave teaconsiders itself a force for good, not just a source of good – frankly, excellent – tea. The company sells premium bagged and loose-fitting teas that are promoted as sustainable and fresh and focuses on the … Read more

Energy and Environment – House passes the Gasoline Price Manipulation Act by Democrats

The House of Representatives narrowly passed a bill related to alleged price gouging, while Home Secretary Deb Haaland announced that the ministry would soon propose an offshore oil and gas lease scheme. This is overnight energy and environmentYour source for the latest news focused on energy, the environment and beyond. For The Hill, we’re Rachel … Read more

Carol King: America’s forests are a key climate solution

I was one of four majority witnesses called to testify before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee hearing on February 15, 2022, at HR 1755, Northern Rocky Mountains Ecosystem Protection Act. NREPA is a major landscape conservation bill that would protect 23 million acres of federal land owned by all Americans. Most of those acres are … Read more

The Brazilian Amazon has been a net carbon emitter since 2016

Rapid deforestation outpaces carbon sequestration by remaining trees meF It was rainforest The respiratory system of the Earth, the Amazon will be a full lung. The region includes half of the undisturbed tropical forests. Its plants absorb 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO .).2) per year, equivalent to 4% of emissions from fossil fuels. … Read more

EU plans to expand renewables, says coal needs a little longer

Wind and coal turbines in Lower Saxony, Germany. The EU’s desire to move away from Russian oil and gas means it will need to find fossil fuels from other parts of the world to fill supply gaps. Mia Boucher | Photo Alliance | Getty Images The European Commission has detailed a plan to ramp up … Read more