Eating a Big Mac every day is honestly a good thing

Donald Gorske on the throne of the Big Macpicture: Guinness World Records Some people are destined for greatness. Some become scholars. Some mediation of peace treaties to save the world. Some have eaten a Big Mac for lunch every day for 50 years in a row. I am referring, of course, to Donald Gorsky, the … Read more

7 common nutrient deficiencies and how to spot them

What we eat helps our bodies function. The lack of nutrients may cause various disorders in the body. Here are some indications that the body may give. Lack of nutrients such as vitamins and iron can cause headaches and dizziness The food we eat provides our bodies with the nutrition it needs to function at … Read more

Calorie restriction, feeding times extend mouse life

In a new study published in the journal Science, researchers show that Calorie restriction and time-restricted feeding have an additional effect on the lifespan of mice [1]. known interference Calorie restriction is the first intervention to demonstrate that aging is a malleable phenomenon. The first experiments on mice were conducted in the 1930s and showed … Read more

Chocolate milk is a surprisingly good recovery drink – and there’s science to prove it

Chocolate milk contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as well as water and electrolytes, making it a surprisingly good candidate for a recovery drink. In a recent meta-analysis, a team of researchers investigated other studies that looked at how well chocolate milk priced in this regard, compared to a placebo or other products. The results, some … Read more

Why would a keto diet hurt your climb?

”]“filter”: {” nextExceptions “:” img, blockquote, div “,” nextContainsExceptions “:” img, blockquote “}}”> Get full access to Outside Learn, the online education center featuring in-depth fitness, nutrition and adventure courses and over 2,000 educational videos when you subscribe to Outside+> “,” name “:” in-content-cta “,” Type “: ” link “}}”> Subscribe to Outside+ today. The … Read more