Duolingo under fire for Amber Heard’s ‘insensitive’ joke against Johnny Depp

This joke has not been translated. Duolingo language learning app came under fire after its social media team left ‘insensitive’ sarcasm About Amber Heard Below is a viral TikTok video. On Tuesday, NBC News uploaded Clip to TikTok The Heard Show is being questioned at Popular ejaculation trial Where she is being sued by ex-husband … Read more

Net worth, salary and pay per movie of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise We’ve been famous pretty much our whole lives, so yes: the guy is rich. And not just an ordinary ~ celebrity millionaire ~ rich. Tom’s net worth is over half a billion dollars thanks to his long career as a lifelong leader. This guy has been in some of the simply highest-grossing movies … Read more

“Bobby and Whitney had their time – I’m Yin Liang”

Bobby Brown Knows what it feels like to get a second chance in love and life. Before his new documentary A&E Biography: Bobby BrownAt the premiere on May 30, the 53-year-old singer, wife, and manager Alicia Etheridge Brown opened up to people about their surprising love story and what it’s like to raise three young … Read more

Bethenny Frankel responds to Erica Jane saying “her man died” about her late boyfriend

Erica was asked about Bethenny’s previous comments that her late boyfriend Dennis Shields once said that Erica’s estranged husband Tom Girardi owed him “half a million dollars,” and that Tom used other people’s money to support Erica’s lifestyle. Erica Jane She dropped what many consider an insensitive comment about it Bethenny Frankel Her late boyfriend … Read more

35 Moments Only Aubrey Plaza Could Get Away From

Leave it to Aubrey to drink milk during the interview. 1. when Aubrey We came up with a slogan we can all relate to: 3. When I stepped on a statue of Jeff Goldblum it was very clear that it had been cut down: 4. When I gave the LGBTQ community some tips on how … Read more

Johnny Depp’s partners testify about the challenges of working with him

Depp sued Heard for $50 million, alleging that a 2018 op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post defamed him. Depp claims that the piece – which did not mention him by name – falsely portrayed him as an abusive. Heard opposed Depp for $100 million, saying that statements made by his lawyer called her abuse … Read more

Halsey applauded again in the comments saying she looks ‘unhealthy’ and ‘too skinny’ in the midst of a health battle.

Halsey has defended herself against the onslaught of hateful comments about her appearance just one week after revealing multiple health diagnoses. The 27-year-old, who uses her pronouns, responded to harsh comments made about her weight in a video on TikTok posted on Wednesday. Hurtful comments ranged from trolls calling Halsey “unhealthy” to “sick” and seeking … Read more

Taylor Swift gives an inspiring speech to mark the start of NYU: ‘Mistakes have led to the best things in my life’

an introduction Dr. Taylor Alison Swift! Swift became a trending topic on Wednesday as the 32-year-old singer received an honorary doctorate (Doctor of Fine Arts, honors) degree from New York University as part of the school’s 2022 graduating class. Taylor Swift speaks after receiving an honorary doctorate in fine arts during New York University’s graduation … Read more