‘The rich are getting richer’: why are art selling prices so high | art

As a direct return on investment, it’s hard to beat Untitled, a 1982 work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, the African-American street artist who has become a global cultural icon, which features a horned African mask on an abstract background across a canvas nearly 5 meters wide. In 2004, the painting sold for 4.5 million dollars. Returning … Read more

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Gods and Demons Intertwined with Textiles – Art Week | art and design

week fair Holly Looney: Communication GrowthThis evocative artist born in Birmingham, Alabama, displays works inspired by recent visits to the UK that use existing British objects. Edel Asante, London, until 2 July. also show The Dance Mask of Taraka, Sri Kajal Datta Workshop, 1994, India, of Feminine Power. Photography: The Trustees of the British Museum … Read more

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Het Hem Launches OMA / AMO . Exhibition

The OMA/AMO show at Het Hem explores our balance with nature We tour Het Hem’s latest exhibition, “Chapter 5IVE”, in collaboration with OMA’s Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director of AMO Het Hem’s latest exhibition “Chapter 5IVE” is the result of long conversations between curator Rieke Vos, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director … Read more

Check Out 10 Springfield IL Outdoor Festivals Coming This Summer

art. Classic Hotroads. fireworks. Music under the stars. Outdoor festivals are back. PrideFest, Old Capitol Art Fair and the opening of the Old Capitol Farmers Market highlight a busy weekend and the opening of a number of festivals and gatherings in the downtown area of ​​Springfield. For some, like the art gallery, this is a … Read more

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Anna Delphi Unveils Surrealist New York Art Gallery of Prison Paintings

“I am a masterpiece! I am a masterpiece!” “Look at me, I am Anna,” cried Drag Queen Yuhua Hamasaki as she excited the entire crowd Anna Delphi A costume in the solo art gallery of the fake heiress imprisoned for one night only. Hamasaki’s impression of the subject of Shonda Rhimes’ limited Netflix series “Inventing … Read more

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Warhol, a wild backstory and art market today

Andy Warhol once gave a silkscreen photo of Marilyn Monroe to a skeptical friend. “Keep it in a safe,” Warhol said. “One day it will be worth a million dollars.” He may have underselling it himself, given the price recently reached by one of Marilyn’s other Warhol silk screens. “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” is now … Read more

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‘Bring Them Home’: Australian Crowdfunding Campaign Seeks to Buy Wurundjeri Art at New York Auction | art

An Aboriginal heritage council in Melbourne faces a race against time, trying to prevent two culturally important works of art from being lost to Australia when they come under the hammer at Sotheby’s auctions in New York next week. The two works—ground pigment and charcoal on paper plate, and carved hardwood protection shield—were created by … Read more

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