All of Harry Styles’ “Harry House” lyrics about Olivia Wilde

Now why were we invited to Harry’s house If all we’re going to do is the third wheel? Gone are the days of shyness (Read: Cunnilingusfruit the reviewer And The despair of the end from his relationship with Camille Rogue. Harry Styles’ third studio album (abroad nowfor those who are watching) is playing the game … Read more

Pete Davidson is leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

Chad leaves studio 8H. Pete Davidsonwho have joinedSaturday Night Live“As a relative unknown and has become a star He is expected to leave Saturday Night Live, whose audience has watched the pages of the daily gossip, after airing the season finale this weekend, according to a person familiar with the matter. He’s one of a … Read more

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Terry Pratchett Book Club: Maskerade, Part Two

It’s really frustrating when a ghost uses a lot of exclamation points. summary Agnes stays up late and notices that Andre the organist appears right after she thought she saw the ghost. She heads to bed only to be disturbed by Kristen later in the night, frightened because her mirror is talking to her. Agnes … Read more

A new era that made me cry a lot

This is a preview of the pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox every week, Sign up here. I’m not a big fan of how much I cried while watching the new Downton Abbey Movie, Downton Abbey: A New Era. … Read more

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Her Daughter, Amy, 38, Was Injured in a Fire at a Los Angeles Recording Studio, One Person Killed

Sharon Osbourne, 69, reveals her daughter, Amy, 38, was injured in a fire that killed one person in a Los Angeles recording studio: ‘It’s so terrifying’ Sharon Osbourne revealed that her daughter, Amy, was injured in a fatal fire A person was killed in a recording studio in Los Angeles on Thursday The reality star, … Read more

‘The rich are getting richer’: why are art selling prices so high | art

As a direct return on investment, it’s hard to beat Untitled, a 1982 work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, the African-American street artist who has become a global cultural icon, which features a horned African mask on an abstract background across a canvas nearly 5 meters wide. In 2004, the painting sold for 4.5 million dollars. Returning … Read more

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