The CEO of the world’s second largest alternatives company is optimistic about a mild recession

(Click here To sign up for the Alpha Delivery newsletter.) Over the past two decades, Bruce Flatt has served as CEO of Brookfield Asset Management, to become the second largest alternatives company in the world. He oversees more than $725 billion in assets covering a diversified portfolio comprising of real estate, private equity, infrastructure, energy … Read more

Former SEC chief economist says recession ‘likely’

By almost all accounts, US economy Amazing recovery after Corona virus pandemic Spur nationwide mass shutdowns and layoffs. The job market has added millions of Careers And wages It has risen significantly, even among low-wage jobs. but the height economic inflation and rising fast interest rates It made most Americans worried that the good times … Read more

The economist says the US economy is “nowhere close to stagnation this year”

With turmoil in the markets, high inflation and impending hikes in interest rates that will make borrowing money more expensive, many Americans are wondering if the economy is headed into a recession. Goldman Sachs President Lloyd Blankfein He said last weekend It is “definitely a very, very big risk factor”, and consumers should be “prepared … Read more

I’m the chief economist at 5 things to know about the housing market

George Ratio is Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research at For more than 15 years, Georges Ratio has been studying the housing market. He is the Chief Economist and Director of Economic Research at, where he focuses on trends in global economies and real estate markets. He is also a past … Read more

opinion | How the West is stifling Putin’s economy

Russia’s military failure in Ukraine has defied almost everyone’s expectations. The first defeat came at the gates of Kyiv. Then came the file Incredibly shrinking blitzkriegas attempts to encircle Ukrainian forces in the supposedly more favorable area in the east turned into slow motion The battle of attrition. What’s important about this second setback for … Read more

26 billionaires paid a fraction of the average US tax

A new analysis by Americans for Tax Justice finds that many billionaires have paid less than 5% in taxes in recent years. That’s because the fortunes of high-income earners in America often come from their assets, not their salaries. Because of this, they pay income taxes that are often much smaller than increases in their … Read more