The San Francisco 49ers were on their first day of junior camp on Friday, where training consisted mainly of 7-on-7s, as there was a lack of attack and defense available to get out with 11-on-11s.

While there’s not much to be gleaned from a football standpoint on day one of training, here are three encouraging reports from Friday’s start to the young rookie camp.

1. Impressive Danny Gray

Gray, last month’s NFL Draft third-round pick, was said to be the minicamp’s best player, and he wasn’t even close.

Gray displayed his speed on a number of occasions in 7-on-7s, including a 50-yard touchdown pass where he slipped past fellow rookie Tariq Castro Fields to score.

While Gray had a low pass, which was somewhat of a problem during his time in SMU, the rookie receiver did a number of different catches that relieved anxiety, including a rear shoulder fade close to 20 yards.

From the initial review, Gray was impressed, and will look to continue to make his mark as he attempts to climb the wide receiver depth chart in San Francisco loaded ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

2. Future third bottom linebacker Jordan Mason?

A team of 49 contestants drafted the return of Tyrion Davis-Price in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft; It was a different flashback during Friday’s practice: a loose-leaf free agent bringing back Jordan Mason from Georgia Tech. With only 7-on-7 drills, the running group was unable to show off its running ability, which was at the forefront of Davis-Price’s skill set, given that he was expected to complete Elijah Mitchell back bruise;

Davis Price, who is expected to play at 220-225 pounds this season, was not so good in the 7v7 race, dropping one of his targets at a flat-screen inspection. The LSU producer isn’t expected to be a major contributor to the cross-attack, as he didn’t make a major appearance in the role in college, but that was all that was seen on Friday.

On the other hand, Mason seemed to be moving with a better trajectory and had a good impact in traffic. With the 49ers needing a passing return, as well as new quarterback coach Anthony Lane’s affinity for off-field receivers, Mason could look to fight for a place on the 53-man squad or coaching squad at training camp.

3. Is a future defensive coordinator looming?

There was a surprise guest in attendance at the 49ers rookie small camp on Friday, where former 49ers defense coordinator and Denver Broncos coach Vic Fangio showed up.

Remember, the 49ers were linked with Fangio earlier in the season as a potential defensive advisor following his departure from the Broncos, however; The veteran coach was chosen to take a year off from coaching.

In 2023, current defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans could receive more training interviews, especially if he delivers the performance his defense gave in 2021, which could lead to a vacancy in the position for the 49ers.

Step into Fangio, who has knowledge of the team, worked as defensive coordinator from 2011-2014. The 63-year-old could use the potential opportunity as a springboard to become a head coach in a few years, given how good the 49ers’ defense is.

While much of the current chatter is speculation, it’s not out of the box for Fangio to have a role with the 49ers in 2023, especially if DeMeco Ryans leaves for a major training event elsewhere.